Sarah Thomas

Founder / Board President


Certified Yoga Teacher

200 & 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training | Trauma Informed Yoga | Prison Project Yoga

My Yoga Journey:

“When I reflect on my yoga journey, it brings a smile, some tears, and some chills. It was a sacred beginning of me developing a healthier relationship with myself. When I began to discover the tools of yoga and mindfulness, I stepped onto a profound and life-changing path filled with self-inquiry, healing, humility, honesty, forgiveness, acceptance, and soul. I began to experience a sense of belonging, empowerment, courage, and resiliency.”

The Beginning:

“It slowly became clear that my entire life up until this point was leading me to discover my life’s purpose, which is to serve teens and women through yoga. Since 2009, I have been using yoga, mindfulness, and self-inquiry as a vehicle to teach my students all the gems these tools have taught me.”

The Impact:

“For the last decade, I have witnessed students in schools, juvenile detention centers, jails, prisons, residential treatment facilities, and recovery centers experience their own sense of empowerment. These humble warriors have found the courage to tap into their capacity to heal and thrive, regardless of the past.”

Humble Warrior Team:

“2019 is looking bright for our organization. Our soulful and dedicated leadership team of yoga teachers and board members are passionate about our collective purpose to serve. Our dynamic team is bursting with talent and a passion for leaving a positive imprint in our community.”


“We plan to continue to bloom our unique yoga and mindfulness program into more public schools. We are creating a super sparkly summer camp for teens and developing a curriculum to train humble warrior teachers across the U.S.”