It all started in 2010.

Sarah Thomas, our founder, was a mentor at a local alternative high school. She proposed using her house as an off-site program space to the school. The first group invited into her home was a group of ten adolescent girls and two school counselors. Retreated into her attic and practiced meditation, yoga, and had circle conversations around themes of empowerment. So much healing, tears, and giggles happened in her attic that first year. It was very clear what a positive impact these practices were having on the students. This is how Sarah originally decided to call her brand “Attic Conversations Yoga Foundation” and a movement was born!

The program soon grew out of the attic and into the school to include both male and female students. Eventually, Sarah expanded Attic Conversations to other schools, detentions facilities, and women’s re-entry programs. She brought on additional teachers and created an empowering curriculum.

A few years later, Attic Conversations spread out of Tulsa, OK into rural Oklahoma and Colorado expanding and transforming into Humble Warrior Collective. We may be growing into a nation wide collective, but the raw flame of those first conversations still burns bright in our spirit and guides our mission to this day!

Sarah, and the rest of Humble Warrior Collective, is forever grateful to Street School and those first students for being so supportive of trying something completely new and putting all this in motion.

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We chose the name Humble Warrior Collective because it embodies the idea that the power of the individual creates the strength of the collective.

In yoga, the warrior poses remind us that we all have a purpose and meaning in life that we should stand for and use for the benefit and good of all.

Humility is knowing your worthiness and unique purpose, but also acknowledging that all people have the same worth. The humble warrior knows his or her worth and purpose and moves forward towards their goal with focus, power, and passion; all while honoring the unique and equal paths of others.