Stacey Rogers

Advocacy Director


Sexual Assault Counselor at Domestic Violence Intervention Services

James Fox Prison Yoga Project

My Yoga Journey:

“I discovered yoga about 20 years ago, and I fell in love with it. It has helped me during some very significant challenges in my life. I have experienced the emotional healing yoga promotes. Yoga has helped me in my own life; and with research and understanding about the benefits of yoga for everyone, I want to help provide it to populations that don’t have it available to them. Currently, I work with survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence. I regularly encourage my clients to seek out yoga for the emotional and physical benefits it provides. Humble Warrior Collective has offered classes to the staff as well as the residents of our shelter for a year now. I am able to refer my clients to the free classes, as well as participate myself. The wonderful yoga teachers at HWC are aware of our needs and customize our classes to self-care and rejuvenation.”

My Involvement:

“I attended the James Fox training he offered in Tulsa several years ago. He founded the Prison Yoga Project. That is where I met some of the incredible yoga teachers already doing amazing work in our community. I connected with Sarah Thomas, our founder and board president, and she invited me to join a committee formed as a result of wanting to provide yoga programming here in our Tulsa community. Sarah was already teaching yoga to teens in her home, which lead to her founding Attic Conversations and then invited me to join the founding board.”

The Impact:

“Humble Warrior Collective creates access to yoga for people who might not have the opportunity to practice it. Yoga is such a holistic healing tool that it helps calm the body, regulate the nervous system, and instill a sense of peace. HWC and the Hope Research Center are currently doing research to measure our effectiveness in instilling hope through our programs. While findings are preliminary, they do show yoga is a helpful tool for our students.”

Humble Warrior Teachers:

“Our teachers are passionate, mindful, and purposeful. They celebrate the successes of Humble Warrior students.”

The Vision We See:

“I hope we become better known for what we are doing. I want Humble Warrior Collective to be more visible in the community, and for more people to know who we are and what we do. When people think of yoga, I want them to think of Humble Warrior Collective.”