Meredith Waddel



Middle & High School Counselor at Riverfield Country Day School

Mother to 11-year-old daughter, Lillian

My Yoga Journey:

“I began practicing yoga during a season of adversity. It challenges my body while also honoring it, and it gives me the space to be with myself. I feel refreshed and proud of myself after every class. I struggle with focus and attention, so it is hard for me to meditate, but yoga has given me the tools to go in my head and sit with my breath. It is so therapeutic and beautiful to realize after a class that I have successfully been still for an hour. I get antsy even after a few days of not going to yoga class. There is also a lot of pressure in the health and fitness world to look a certain way and trim down, but yoga is gentler on your body and kinder on your spirit. I have struggled with body image, but yoga has given me the ability not to try to make my body be what it can’t be, because of yoga I can just be.”

My Involvement:

“I got involved with Humble Warrior through Sarah Thomas, our founder and board president. Though yoga is important to me, I sometimes haven’t been able to afford it. Even now, I am only able to afford it through a teacher discount. When Sarah asked for volunteers to be on the board, I wanted to help give access to people who need yoga but don’t have access to a studio.”

Our Yoga Teachers:

“One of the teachers goes to a facility where the girls are only allowed to wear jeans. To that class the yoga teacher goes in jeans rather than in yoga clothes. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be to do yoga in jeans, but that is the extent that our teachers are willing to go through to meet their students where they are. That is the level of detail that our teachers take in caring for their students. I think we need more of that in the world: meeting people where they are at. Working in counseling, I know that I can be discouraged when situations seem hopeless, but the yoga teachers at Humble Warrior aren’t. They hope and desire bigger and better for their students. It is beautiful and inspiring. I want to be around women with that kind of dedication and passion. That can be pretty powerful. I admire them so much.”

My Commitment to Humble Warrior:

“In that time of adversity, when I was floundering around, yoga helped me heal and regain my strength. I haven’t gone through what the students of Humble Warrior have gone through, but I believe they deserve the same level of empowerment, peace, and hope to get through what they are experiencing, despite any mistakes they may have made or decisions they wish they could change. I am committed to assuring that our teachers have the finances they need to continue serving in communities they are passionate about.”

The Vision We See:

“I hope to eventually see Humble Warrior partner with local yoga studios in order to continue to give access to Humble Warrior students. If these people have found yoga to be what keeps them calm and is part of their recovery, I want them to have access to this forever. I don’t want us to be an organization who introduces people to recovery but can’t provide continued support for recovery.”