Margaret Wish


Yoga Teacher

200Hrs Vinyasa Training | Trauma Informed Training

My Yoga Journey:

“It sounds cheesy, but I got into yoga because I wanted to spend more time with my husband. We were going to the gym and yoga became part of our workout routine. Over time it became more than a workout to me; I was calmer at work and at home and people started to see a difference in me. So, I decided to get certified to help out occasionally at a local studio. I never thought yoga would become my career.”

My Involvement:

“Before I became a yoga teacher, I worked with nonprofits. Melissa Smith, our executive director, asked me to join the board so that I could provide my expertise in the area of fundraising. I was looking for a way to give back to the community at the time, so I joined the board. One of my roles on the board is to help streamline the grant writing process.”

Our Yoga Teachers:

“I know our yoga teachers on a personal level. They are some of the most passionate, kindest people you will ever meet. Not only do they set a great example to the people they reach, but they have the ability to make every one of their students feel like they are seen. I feel this is especially important for the youth we serve, who have been exposed to trauma. I believe that what we do benefits our students because it shows them that there is still good in the world and good in them that they can share.”

My Commitment to Humble Warrior:

“Humble Warrior Collective does more than just teach yoga. We teach our students healthy ways to cope with whatever life throws at them, whether that is a stressful home life, anxiety for a test or interview, or even something as small as road rage. We help them become better human beings by helping them slow down and breathe; we help them not take things personally every time something happens. I am committed to making sure that Humble Warrior has the finances needed to provide an opportunity for our teachers to serve the under-resourced people that we feel passionate about.”

The Vision We See:

“I hope to see Humble Warrior Collective go beyond the Tulsa area. Specifically, I hope to see it reach the rest of Oklahoma, but I also believe it has the potential to be replicated across the nation and expand throughout the rest of the United States. There are yoga teachers all over the country who want to reach out to the people HWC serves. I want to see HWC become a foundation that gives yoga teachers all over the country the tools and training they need to go into those communities that they are passionate about.”