Cynthia Campbell


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Director of Financial Empowerment at BALANCE Nationwide

MBA in Finance | Masters in Adult Education | RYT200

My Yoga Journey:

“I fell into yoga accidentally. While I had taken a couple of classes here and there over the years, it wasn’t until a co-worker invited me to a class that she taught, that I fell in love with it. After taking a few classes a week for about a year, I decided to go through yoga teacher training myself. I went through the 200-hour training at EveryOne Yoga School (EYS) not necessarily to teach public classes, but to deepen my own practice. It turns out that I like substitute teaching and offering workshops for beginners.”

My Involvement:

“I met Melissa Smith, our executive director, in a yin yoga class she taught in Jenks. I loved her style and was so happy to learn she was also going to teach at EveryOne Yoga School (EYS). We got to know each other better, and then she learned that I had an MBA in finance and worked in banking. When she became the executive director of Humble Warrior, she approached me about a board position. I love yoga and spreadsheets, so I think I am perfect for the position of Treasurer for the Humble Warrior. Melissa has plans to increase the impact of this organization, and I want to help make it happen.”

Our Yoga Teachers:

“Humble Warrior Collective hires experienced teachers, who have also had specific trauma-informed training. The curriculum they teach is about regulation, meditation, and mindfulness. It’s deeper than just the physical practice that comes to mind when you think of yoga. HWC is a special program with an impact on the individual and the community that individual lives in.”

My Commitment to Humble Warrior:

“As treasurer I am in charge of the finances for Humble Warrior. I keep track of our expenses and plan for future expenditures. I am also on the fundraising committee, which is important to the future impact we are planning for. I am committed to Humble Warrior because I believe in its mission. I believe that yoga changes people for the better as it builds community. Finances can be boring to some people, but money drives impact, so I am glad to serve in this capacity.”

The Impact:

“Humble Warrior empowers people. The classes we provide not only teach yoga poses but also breathing, self-awareness, self-regulation, and mindfulness. These are life skills that help our students reach the dreams that they have for themselves. Yoga helps with relationships, whether that be with employers, friends, or family. Yoga taught me how to regulate my nervous system. It taught me how to take myself out of the “flight or fight” mode to a calmer place so that my responses are less reactive. Humble Warrior is building a better community by sharing these skills with those who are under-resourced, people who might never find these tools or think to look for them. Making yoga accessible is an important part of what we do.”

The Vision We See:

“We are a relatively new organization, so we want to grow our program, grow our awareness, grow our donor base, and grow the impact that Humble Warrior Collective has in our community. I love what we are doing; I just want to do it on a bigger scale. For all of this, we need more funding.”