Amanda McKinney

Marketing Director


Yoga Marketing Coach | Owner of AM: Marketing

Master's Degree in Marketing, RYT200

My Yoga Journey:

“While yoga has been a part of my life since my college days, it didn't make its way into my career until recently. I used to work in corporate marketing, but decided to start my own company and specialize in marketing for yoga teachers. Yoga is a personal passion for me that is not just about being flexible, and it is helpful in everyday life and is a component of a healthy lifestyle in general.”

My Involvement:

“I was asked to be on the Humble Warrior board for my marketing expertise. Before that, I attended their event and learned about their incredible mission. I believe in what they are doing for the community, so I wanted to get involved.”

My Commitment:

“I am designing the framework for Humble Warrior marketing and also helping with the annual Humble Warrior event. After working with several non-profits, I truly believe that clear and effective marketing and fundraising is what allows the community to understand the mission of an organization. I'm committed to helping Humble Warrior accomplish their mission.”

Humble Warrior Teachers:

“Humble Warrior teachers have the heart to give yoga to people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. They have a unique and special calling. Yoga can be helpful in any healing process. It can help you cope with stress, and it celebrates the mind and helps you get through tough stuff, which we all go through.”

The Vision We See:

“Melissa, our executive director, has shared stories of change in our students and Kendra, our research coordinator, has conducted surveys on resilience and measured its increase in our students before and after our 8-week programs. I see Humble Warrior being a movement that could stretch across multiple states, but it’s wonderful that it is starting here in Tulsa.”